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Kent Amateur Championship 2013

Friday 7th June 2013 - Saturday 8th June 2013
White Tees, Bearsted Golf Club

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Gross LeaderboardR1 CSS 74 R/OR2 CSS 74 R/OR3 CSS 74 R/OR4 CSS 74 R/OTotalPar
1st Alfie Plant Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club 70737576294+10
2nd Michael Saunders Dartford Golf Club 73757475297+13
3rd Mark Collins Littlestone Golf Club 72787772299+15
4th Bobby Twiner The London Golf Club 74768074304+20
5th George Dale West Malling Golf Club 79797473305+21
5th Luke Spooner Sundridge Park 74787380305+21
7th James Smith Sundridge Park Golf Club 77758074306+22
7th NICK PANTING Rochester & Cobham Park 80757774306+22
9th Nick Buckland Sundridge Park Golf Club 80767774307+23
9th Charlie Haggar Shooters Hill Golf Club 82737478307+23
9th Jerome Titlow Knole Park Golf Club 76747681307+23
12th Matt Williams Sittingbourne & Milton Regis Golf Club 82757774308+24
12th Oliver Daws Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club 78787874308+24
12th Matthew Gibson Royal Blackheath 79757678308+24
15th Joe CURTIS Knole Park Golf Club 80787676310+26
16th Freddie Price Royal Blackheath Golf Club 78748574311+27
16th Leigh Hales Sittingbourne & Milton Regis 79797677311+27
18th George Woollaston Chart Hills Golf Club 80787579312+28
19th Bryan Rutherford 77807680313+29
20th Alan Austin Lamberhurst 76837976314+30
21st Michael Lawrence Sundridge Park Golf Club 75827880315+31
21st Daniel Byrne Dartford Golf Club 82767681315+31
21st George Burton Wrotham Heath Golf Club 82737684315+31
24th Josh Waters Langley Park Golf Club 75818179316+32
24th Charlie Parker The London Golf Club 74847781316+32
26th Danny Curtis Knole Park 78827681317+33
26th Andrew Francis Bearsted 76768283317+33
28th Matt Cozens Littlestone Golf Club 76827883319+35
29th Thomas O'Reilly Sidcup Golf Club 82788278320+36
30th Jordan Miles Kings Hill Golf Club 79817982321+37
30th Ollie Hawker Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club 83777982321+37
32nd Paul Boozer Sheerness 80808479323+39
33rd Terry Crawley Knole Park Golf Club 79807986324+40
34th Tom Bayliss Dartford Golf Club 83768581325+41
35th Daniel Brown Littlestone Golf Club 8179160+18
35th Billy Britton 8179160+18
37th Sam Statham Knole Park Golf Club 8279161+19
37th Martin Farbrace Sene Valley 8180161+19
37th DAVID JENNER Bearsted 8081161+19
37th Jason Morris North Foreland 7982161+19
41st Matthew Sheehan Prince's Golf Club 8577162+20
42nd George Charles Wilcock Hemsted Forest Golf Club 8182163+21
42nd Marcus Sewell Shooters Hill Golf Club 8182163+21
44th Billy Diegan Dartford Golf Club 8579164+22
44th Sam Britton North Foreland Golf Club 8480164+22
46th Ross Maietta Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club 8481165+23
46th B McClymont Shortlands Golf Club 8382165+23
46th Martin Pyke Dartford Golf Club 8382165+23
46th Sunil Dewan Sene Valley Golf Club 8085165+23
46th Simon Reed Prince's Golf Club 7986165+23
51st Joshua Bristow Canterbury Golf Club 8383166+24
51st Mike EVANS Upchurch River Valley 8284166+24
51st Matthew Turner Weald of Kent Golf Club 8086166+24
54th Joseph Harper Chislehurst Golf Club 8384167+25
54th GLENN FULLER Gillingham 8384167+25
54th Max White Sundridge Park Golf Club 8087167+25
57th Duncan Wills Chart Hills 8682168+26
57th Craig Alford Lydd Golf Club 8187168+26
59th Ronan D McGuirk Prince's Golf Club 8882170+28
59th Liam Orchard Sittingbourne & Milton Regis 8684170+28
61st David W. Arnold Littlestone Golf Club 8785172+30
61st Dave Vidgen Bearsted 8785172+30
63rd Adam Carnell Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club 8786173+31
63rd Alex Walker The London Golf Club 8786173+31
63rd James Austin-Rooth Chart Hills Golf Club 8489173+31
66th Jake Spearpoint Ashford (Kent) Golf Club 8985174+32
67th Patrick Horsting The Royal St George's Golf Club 9184175+33
68th Steven Bibby Dartford 9486180+38
69th Tom Beaumont Sundridge Park Golf Club 8080+9
70th Sam Keevill Sundridge Park NR  
71st Narinder Gill Rochester & Cobham Park 87WD  

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