Kent Golf Limited

Kent Youths Championship 2013

Friday 16th August 2013, Green Tees, Knole Park Golf Club

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 71R2 CSS 71TotalPar
1st Mark Collins Littlestone Golf Club (-2)6966135-5
2nd Charlie Haggar Shooters Hill Golf Club (-1)7069139-1
3rd Luke Spooner Sundridge Park (1)7071141+1
4th Tom Jordan Langley Park Golf Club (1)7072142+2
5th Ben Gillon North Foreland Golf Club (4)7568143+3
6th David W. Arnold Littlestone Golf Club (2)7371144+4
6th Bobby Twiner The London Golf Club (0)7173144+4
8th Ben Pullen Sheerness Golf Club (2)7471145+5
9th Connor McCauley The London Golf Club (5)7472146+6
9th Ronan D McGuirk Prince's Golf Club (1)7373146+6
9th Nick Buckland Sundridge Park Golf Club (-1)6680146+6
12th G Mullins Langley Park Golf Club (-1)7077147+7
13th Joshua Woolley Chart Hills Golf Club (0)7474148+8
14th Sam Statham Knole Park Golf Club (2)7475149+9
15th Max Jordan Langley Park Golf Club (0)7377150+10
16th Thomas O'Reilly Sidcup Golf Club (1)7675151+11
16th Charlie Parker The London Golf Club (2)7675151+11
18th Barney Foreman Mid-Kent Golf Club (5)7676152+12
18th Joe CURTIS Knole Park Golf Club (3)7280152+12
20th Ellis Dorrell West Kent Golf Club (6)7776153+13
21st James Austin-Rooth Chart Hills Golf Club (4)7876154+14
22nd George Burton Wrotham Heath Golf Club (2)8174155+15
22nd Alex Young Chestfield Golf Club (5)8075155+15
22nd Archie Edwards North Foreland Golf Club (5)7877155+15
25th Henry Saunders Shooters Hill Golf Club (0)8076156+16
25th Liam Sutton Littlestone Golf Club (-1)7878156+16
27th Max White Sundridge Park Golf Club (0)8473157+17
28th Ollie Hawker Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (3)7682158+18
29th Freddie Price Royal Blackheath Golf Club (-1)7782159+19
30th euan butler Sundridge Park (7)7883161+21
31st Sam Firmager Hever Castle (6)8284166+26
32nd Elliott PHILLIPS Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (6)8782169+29
33rd Adam Carnell Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (4)8388171+31
34th Tom Crowland Woodlands Manor Golf Club (3)8792179+39
35th Liam Orchard Sittingbourne & Milton Regis (1)78NR  
36th Ross Maietta Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (0)NR  

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