Kent Golf Limited


Sunday 5th January 2020 - Saturday 25th January 2020
White Tees, Prince's Golf Club

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1 CSS 74R2TotalPar
1st Simon Head Weald of Kent (1)7169140-2
2nd Michael Harrold Shooters Hill (3)8166147+5
3rd NICK PANTING Rochester & Cobham Park (-2)7473147+5
4th Christopher Beard Shooters Hill (1)7870148+6
5th Matthew Gibson Royal Blackheath (1)7672148+6
6th Connor Bell Royal Blackheath (0)7474148+6
7th Harry Spellman North Foreland (2)7970149+7
8th Charles Reynolds Sundridge Park (2)7772149+7
9th Danny Curtis Knole Park (2)7673149+7
10th Tony Adams Prince's (0)7673149+7
11th Simon Reed Prince's Golf Club (2)7574149+7
12th Toby Lock The Royal St George's Golf Club (4)7277149+7
13th Tom John Hunter Sittingbourne & Milton Regis (3)7971150+8
14th ROBERT OSMOND Rochester & Cobham Park (0)7773150+8
15th David Dunlop Hever Castle (0)7575150+8
16th Lloyd Godwin Mid-Kent (-1)7972151+9
17th Oliver Gaisford Tenterden (1)7576151+9
18th Jack Challis Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (0)8171152+10
19th Lee Carew Chelsfield Lakes (4)7973152+10
20th George CANNON Upchurch River Valley (3)7874152+10
21st Darren Child Littlestone Golf Club (4)7775152+10
22nd Philip Judge Rochester & Cobham Park (0)7676152+10
23rd Danny Smith Sundridge Park (1)8172153+11
24th Mark Moore Ashford (Kent) (3)7875153+11
25th Harry Woolmer Mid-Kent (4)8074154+12
26th James Martin Sittingbourne & Milton Regis (3)7678154+12
27th Lloyd Edwards Sittingbourne & Milton Regis (1)7976155+13
28th Kevin Cooper Shortlands Golf Club (3)7976155+13
29th Alan Austin Knole Park (3)7778155+13
30th Lewis Smith Sittingbourne & Milton Regis (2)7679155+13
31st TOBY SMITH Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (3)8076156+14
32nd Miles Gray Etchinghill (0)7978157+15
33rd Shaun Barker Mid-Kent (3)8276158+16
34th Henry Warnock-Thompson Littlestone Golf Club (2)8276158+16
35th Ashley Cairns Birchwood Park Golf Club (3)8277159+17
36th Alan Davie Royal Blackheath (4)8279161+19
37th Jack Johnston Sheerness (4)7488162+20
38th Dave Vidgen Bearsted (6)8084164+22
39th Mark Muller Bearsted (5)8085165+23
40th Lloyd Gofton Prince's (4)80NR  
41st M.N. Healy The Royal St George's (1)7979+7
42nd Michael Puddy Rochester & Cobham Park (0)8282+10
43rd Paul Boozer Sheerness (3)8282+10
44th Jonathan Robert Gerrish Royal Blackheath (4)8383+11
45th David Morland West Kent (3)8484+12
46th Dale Hopkins West Kent (4)8484+12
47th Albert Whymark Chelsfield Lakes Golf Club (4)8686+14
48th STUART WOOD Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club (2)8888+16
49th Richard Lock Mid-Kent Golf Club (5)8989+17
50th DAVID JENNER Bearsted (5)8989+17

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