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Understanding how Course Rating works - England Golf 

25th June 2020 - Course Rating - Update 

Due to Covid-19, Kent Golf have unfortunately only managed to rate 1 course before lockdown leaving 12 Kent clubs still to be re-rated for SSS and SLOPE in readiness for World Wide Handicapping. Fortunately of the 12 clubs still to be rated, all were previously rated in either 2012 or 2013 under the CONGU rating system. This will allow England Golf to give temporary SLOPE ratings to these clubs in readiness for WWH, and these clubs will be first on the list for rating in 2021 from April onwards, assuming government social distancing allows.

The Course Rating team are all volunteers and generally in the vulnerable age group of 60 plus and wherever possible, we use those volunteers closest to the course being rated, this then allows 2 or 3 of them to travel together in an effort to keep expenses to a minimum. . Of the 80 plus courses in Kent rated so far, we have a tried and tested system of splitting into teams concentrating on a particular set of tees for either gender and they all meet on each green to discuss the features of the green and any other issues or thoughts on that particular hole. This means that no one individual is responsible or the outcome of the rating. Once the teams leave the course, they then meet as a group in the clubhouse to discuss how the rating went.

After much thought and discussion, we feel that this system would prove virtually unworkable with social distancing in the current environment. It is also a fact that when undertaking a course rating, the team does disrupt golfers on the course and bearing in mind that most clubs have full tee bookings, it would prove to be virtually impossible to complete the task in a safe way for all concerned.

19th March 2020 -  Course Rating - update

In regards to Course Rating in 2020, we have made the decision that we will not be expecting rating to start for the next 3 months at least. We will keep an eye on the situation and it may be that we have to write off 2020 in regards to Course Rating.

  • This means that more clubs may require a Provisional Rating, and that not all clubs will have measurement certificates and this is something we will just have to deal with, and having spoken to Scott from the USGA, we can issue a provisional rating in 2020 without the need for a measurement certificate, but these courses must be rated in 2021, with a measurement certificate in place.

Any Golf Club in Kent that has been rated under the USGA rating system prior to 2019 will receive their slope certificate and decimal course rating value between January and June 2019.

Courses rated in 2019 will have the slope and course rating certificate issued as standard.

Any Golf Club in Kent which will not have had a formal rating will be given a provisional rating, details of these will follow.  

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