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EG Handicap Appeals Procedure

4th May 2018


Defining Handicap Limits in Competitions

Clubs have 3 clear options:

• Option 1
No handicap entry limits: Allow all players to play off their actual handicap and have the possibility to win. This will apply to any competition format.

• Option 2
Set handicap entry limits: These should be limited to National/County/Elite Competitions and events that may have large fields and require a ballot. Limits must be clearly stated in the Conditions of Competition upon entry.
It is not expected that Clubs will use this option for their internal Medals/Stablefords/match play competitions.

• Option 3
A competition is set up without a handicap entry limit, which would allow all players to enter. However, eligibility for the main prize or trophy may be limited to a maximum (or minimum) handicap allowance, and this must be clearly stated in the Competition Conditions before play.
For example: A competition is set up with a maximum handicap which would allow all players to enter (notionally 54), and this would be stated in the Competition Conditions. The Competition Conditions would then state:

“This event is open to all players up to a maximum handicap of (54). However, eligibility for the Trophy will be limited to a maximum handicap allowance of (36). Other prizes will be awarded in divisions, as follows: Div 1 up to 15 handicap; Div 2 from 16 to 25 handicap; Div 3 from 26 to 32 handicap; Div 4 from 33 to 54 handicap.” These Divisions could be adjusted to reflect the demographic of the individual Club.

By using this format, everyone can enter the competition (as the handicap limit is (54)); and for handicap purposes, players will receive their full handicap allowance. However, the report produced for prize purposes will limit everyone to (36).

In the same way, a limit of (16) to (28) could apply. But players below 16 or above 28 would then not be eligible to enter.

Should the Committee wish to use this option for a match play competition, it is important to note that all players must be allowed to play off their full CONGU handicap, with the full difference between players given (or any approved allowance for format of play). The competition may be split into divisions (say up to 20, and 21 to 54) for prize allocation.

Players must NOT be asked to compete off a handicap lower than that to which they are entitled.

It is important to ensure that all players have the opportunity to compete in competitions, and that higher handicaps are not discriminated against.

Maintaining player interest in the sport is of crucial importance; both for the declining or improving high handicap golfer. If the player is correctly handicapped, there should be no advantage to holding a Cat 5 or 6 handicap over a Cat 1 handicap. Players in Category 5 or 6 do not, of course, affect the CSS calculation in any way

3rd May 2018

Cleansing of Handicap Databases

This a reminder to clubs about the importance of keeping their Handicap database (and hence the CDH) up to date.

A number of recent CDH Enquiries have thrown up an issue at a number of our clubs about Members “Pending” inter club transfers and again raises the importance of releasing players as soon as they leave membership or when they become an “Away” player. “Pending” players Handicaps are in limbo on the CDH, although individual club software up-dates their Home scores, Away scores are held out of sight on the CDH until the issue is re-solved.

England Golf have identified 3 potentials problems:
1. The club isn't resigning the player correctly / or they don't know the player has left.
2. The Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) are not changing player's status when clubs resign / delete a player from the club.
3. The players are not telling the club when they move.

To check whether you have any “Pending” players, you should access the CDH via CDH Home>Club Reports>Pending Members. If you have forgotten your Username / Password, please contact England Golf Participation and Club Support Department - 01526 354500 option 3.

Once “Pending” players have been identified, clubs should take the following steps to resolve the problem:

1. Contact the other club and ensure that you / they have released / accepted the player.
2. If you are unable to resolve it locally, you should contact your software supplier and see if they can help.
3. If they can’t assist, then you should then raise a CDH Enquiry by logging into your Clubhouse account on the CDH website. At the top of the screen there are various options, one of them is an Enquiry tab. England Golf are encouraging clubs to use this method of contact for enquiries so they have a record of the enquiry and can ensure the queries are answered consistently and to the best of their ability. Some clubs have followed this process and cleared up many issues on their databases.

The CDH has been in operation since 2012, and there have been a significant number of duplications, arising from clubs finding difficulties with the transfer process and taking what they think is the easy way out by issuing new CDH numbers. Bottom line is - only issue a new CDH No, as a last resort and only if you know or are virtually certain that they are either new to the game or have not had a recent Handicap at an affiliated club.

Some clubs also have “Unknown” players, whose Handicaps are also in limbo on the CDH, please check whether you have any in this category and take action to resolve.

Finally, to assist with bringing your database up to date, please find attached the England Golf data cleansing instructions.

This should be done on a regular basis, probably after your subscriptions have been finalised, but if it hasn’t been done for some time, a good opportunity would be after completion of the Annual Review.


Please find below instructions for cleansing the CDH system.

1. Log onto CDH system via England Golf’s Clubhouse website. using your Username & Password.

2. Once you have accessed the CDH System go to ‘Club Reports’ and then ‘Registered Members’

3. Start typing your club name in the box and select you club from drop down list.

4. Select Gender – Male or Female or leave both ticked.

5. Go to bottom right hand corner of the page and click on the drop down box and select Format- Excel and then click on the red Export button.

6. This will produce an Excel worksheet, you will need to save this to your computer.

7. Work through the Excel spreadsheet and remove those Players/CDH numbers that appear in your handicap software. When you have finished this step you will be left with an excel spreadsheet list of duplicates and players that have left the club.

8. Save this Excel spreadsheet again and then narrate down the end column whether the player/number needs deleting (in the case of duplicate numbers or deceased members only) or Releasing (Players no longer with club).

9. Save the Excel Spreadsheet again.

10.Return to CDH site via England Golf’s Clubhouse and log in as before (Username & Password) go to ‘Enquiry’ and open ‘CDH Enquiry’.

11.Complete the ticket requesting Cleansing of Registered Members List and attach your Excel Spreadsheet to the ticket.

12. Once we have completed the Cleansing we will email you back through the Enquiry/Ticket system.

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