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2024 Veterans Club Championship Draw

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1st Round
To be played by Fri 26th Apr  
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2nd Round
To be played by Fri 14th Jun  
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Quarter Final
To be played by Fri 26th Jul  
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To be played by Fri 6th Sep  
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To be played by Wed 18th Sep  
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Canterbury GC (Away)                                                                                                    
Canterbury GC (Home)                                                                                                    
Lullingstone Park GC (Home)  2&1                                                                           
Lullingstone Park GC (Home)                                                                           
High Elms GC (Away)                                                                            
Rochester & Cobham  GC (Away)                                                   
Bexleyheath GC (Away)                                                  
Bexleyheath GC (Home)  2.5&0.5                                                  
Chislehurst GC (Away)                                                   
Sundridge Park GC (Home)                                                   
Sundridge Park GC (Home)  2&1                                                    
Sittingbourne & Milton Regis GC (Away)                           
Nizels GC (Home)                          
Nizels GC (Home)  2&1                          
Gillingham GC (Away)                         
Sene Valley GC (Away)                         
Sene Valley GC (Home)  3 Holes                          
Tudor Park GC (Home)                           
Boughton GC (Away)                          
Boughton GC (Away)  2&1                          
Sheerness GC (Home)  3 Holes                           
Sheerness GC (Home)                           
Mid Kent GC (Away)                            
Etchinghill GC (Away)    
Langley Park GC (Home)   
Langley Park GC (Home)  2&1   
Royal Blackheath GC (Away)  
Eltham Warren GC (Away)  
Eltham Warren GC (Home)  2&1   
Ashford  GC (Home)  3 Holes  
Ashford  GC (Away) 
Shortlands GC (Away) 
Weald of Kent GC (Away)  2&1  
Weald of Kent GC (Home)  
Wrotham Heath GC (Home)   
Lamberhurst GC (Away)    
West Malling GC (Home)   
West Malling GC (Home)  2&1   
Shooters Hill GC (Away)  
Dartford GC (Away)  
Dartford GC (Home)  2&1   
West Kent GC (Home)  3 Holes    
West Kent GC (Home)  3 Holes   
Birchwood Park GC (Away)   
 West Kent GC (Away)   
Bearsted GC (Away)    
Littlestone GC (Away)    
Littlestone GC (Home)  3 Holes     

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