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Date published: 19 Apr 2024

We have received these important WHS updates from England Golf:

Four Ball Scores

England Golf have been made aware of a few issues regarding the submission of Four Ball Better Ball Competition Scores.

We have investigated these issues, and a resolution has been sought from our technological provider, furthermore, a clarification has been sent to all ISVs on the 19th of April 2024 to ensure they can implement the solution and provide consistencies with posting of these scores for handicapping moving forward. The ISVs have been instructed to implement the solution as soon as they as able to.

Actions clubs should make until the resolution is put in place:

  • Delete any scores which have NOT hit the 42-point trigger based on a Playing Handicap of 85% from the WHS platform.

Further information:

  • When the fix has been applied, all previous acceptable scores based on the Four-ball criteria will be resubmitted to WHS.
  • Clubs do have the facility to manually upload any Four-ball scores which hit the 42-point trigger directly to the WHS platform. A video will available on the England Golf website.

We apologise for any inconvenience, and we do appreciate your patience and support in reporting any issues to the WHS Team.

Expected Score

Since the updated 2024 WHS Rules of Handicapping have been applied here in GB&I, we have been supporting queries regarding expected score and how this data is calculated in Handicap Index® records via the WHS portal.

For any score to be acceptable for handicap purposes, a minimum of 10 holes must be played for an 18-hole score, and a minimum of nine holes played for a nine-hole score.

Whilst working with our software partners and the other Home Nations, two areas have been identified where further clarity to counties and clubs is required.

Tee Sets

For expected score calculations to be fully functional, all 18-hole tee sets must have front- and back-nine Course Rating and Slope Rating values in place on the WHS portal. The majority of clubs already have these tee sets activated. However, for those that do not, the central England Golf team will be adding these front-nine (F9) and back-nine (B9) tee sets to the WHS portal for each and every club by default.

Please note that if the club does not find it practicable to offer the golfer the F9 or B9 holes to return nine-hole scores, an additional composite nine-hole rating should be requested from the County Rating Team. Any functionality for F9 or B9 tees can be disabled via the ‘settings’ tab within the WHS portal directly.

When a hole is not played

Please note page 42 in the WHS Rules of Handicapping, Rule 3.2a - there must be a valid reason for a hole not being played, such as a hole closed.

The expected score calculations are used when a hole(s) has been taken out of play by the club. Providing either a full F9 or B9 has been played and the closed holes are on the other nine, the expected score will operate as it should. For example, the front nine holes are all in play and the club have closed holes 16, 17 and 18.

If there are holes not played on both nine holes (for example, holes 9 and 10 are closed), then Rule 3.2b/2 on page 44 of the WHS Rules of Handicapping would apply in these circumstances.

In applying Rule 3.2b/2, a Net Par would be used for the holes which are not played until a completed nine is inputted. For example, if holes 9 and 10 are not played, input a Net Par for hole 9, expected scoring will then be calculated for hole 10. Net Par must be manually recorded by the club via the WHS portal, or, alternatively via the golfer using the MyEG app or ISV functionality.

If you have any further questions as a golf club, please reach out to your County Handicap Advisor, or Regional Handicap Advisor, as your first contact point.


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