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Winter Four-Ball 2024/25 announcement

Date published: 2 May 2024

For many years the Winter Four-Ball has been run to provide Kent’s lower handicap women with competitive golf during the off season. For the 2023/24 event, the handicap limit was reset to the pre-WHS level with the result that some members of Affiliated Clubs felt that they had been denied the opportunity of winter competition.

For 2024/25, we intend to offer a winter four-ball competition in two divisions, each run on the same basis. The higher division will only be run if there are more than 16 pairs entered.

Division A will be for pairs comprising players using a handicap index limit of 12.0 and Division B will be for those with handicap indices of 12.1 or higher but with an upper limit of 24.0 for the purposes of calculating shots given and received. The relevant handicap index will be assessed on a date set out in the entry criteria.

Players may play in Division A if they have a Handicap Index greater than 12.0 or in Division B with a Handicap Index greater than 24.0 but, in each case, the upper limit will be applied in assessing shots given and received. For Division B, if a player’s index changes after entry so as to be lower than 12.0 that lower index shall be used to calculate shots given and received.

A player may only play in one Division in any winter season.

The Winter Four-Ball entries will open on the 17th of June.


Winter Four-Ball 2024/25

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