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KGU and KCLGA AGM's - Deferral Notice

KGU and KCLGA AGM's - Deferral Notice

This is a further update on the positions of Kent Golf Union Limited (KGU) and Kent County Ladies’ Golf Association (KCLGA) with respect to the serious and ongoing spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

KGU and KCLGA have already announced that all of their events would be cancelled until 27 April. We will now need to consider extending this period and a further announcement will be made in this regard depending upon the Government advice pertaining at that time.

With the situation moving daily, creating new restrictions to normal life as we know it, we confirm that the Board of KGU and the Officers of KCLGA have taken the decision to postpone the Annual General Meetings, which were due to take place on Monday 30 March. Given the continuing uncertainty over when the current restrictions on our everyday lives may be lifted, we are not able to advise of any decision regarding a rescheduled date.

We have considered holding our AGMs with minimal persons present, relying on proxy voting and by way of virtual meetings using video conference technology. However, after much discussion we concluded that none of the options available provide the forum for discussion or the formalities that a physical meeting does and in addition, with many confined to home, not all that wish to attend the virtual AGMs may have access to the technology required.

Further, given the exceptional nature of the business to be proposed to the Meetings, that is, the Unification of our two Organisations, it is, in our view, inappropriate that we might be thought to be seeking to rush matters through at a time when other matters should be taking priority. In consequence, for the time being, all current serving Directors, Officers and Captains will remain in place.

As soon as we are in a position to set a new date for these Meetings, we will let you know.

Each set of Accounts for 2019 were signed and are on the relevant websites. If Members have questions that they were planning to ask at the AGMs, please email (KCLGA) and (KGU) and we will be pleased to try to answer them.

With regard to Unification, feedback from conversations with various clubs has been very positive and from the Proxy Votes received this positivity has been confirmed. We will continue to work closely together during the coming months to support all the members of our Affiliated Clubs.

We wish everyone the best of health at this uncertain and difficult time and we will be in touch with you again with any further developments.

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