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England Golf - Coronavirus FAQ'S

England Golf - Coronavirus FAQ'S

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Q – What is the maximum group size permitted to gather?

A – Social gatherings of more than six people are illegal in England from Monday 14 September 2020. This applies both indoor and outdoor with a limited number of exceptions. Groups of six people may be made up of individuals from different household, both indoor and outdoor. Golf clubhouses are able to accommodate multiple social groups each containing up to six people, but these must not merge to form larger groups.

Q – Can society bookings still be taken by clubs?

A – Society bookings can still be taken and can still go ahead. However, both clubs/ facilities and society members must ensure that congregations are avoided and that no groupings larger than six are formed at any time from Monday 14 September.

Q – Do golf clubs have to collect contact details for ‘track and trace’?

A- Golf clubs are legally obliged from Monday 14 September 2020 to collect details of those entering the clubhouse. These details must be stored, in compliance with GDPR, for 21 days and available should track and trace be required.

With regard to coaching, there appears to be no change to the previous guidance.

Q – What are the rules for the coaching of children by PGA professionals?

A – Golf clubs and facilities may operate with safety measures in place for groups of children up to 15 to a staff member.  If facilities allow, there may be more than a single group at a specific time but each group should be consistent, not encounter one another, and there should be appropriate cleaning of settings and equipment between use.

The full out of school settings guidance is available here.

Golf clubs and facilities are now able to open for both outside and indoor provision provided that they follow the protective measures set out by government, such as those outlined in the guidance above, other COVID-related guidance, and other safeguarding and protection requirements. 

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