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Rules of Amateur Status 



The Rules of Amateur Status prescribe several areas in which an amateur golfer has to take care so as to ensure that he or she preserves their amateur status.

The full rules and decisions are available on the R&A website.  It is important that any relevant Kent golfer refers to these and not the USGA version as the latter does differ in some respects.

We draw to your attention some of the most easily breached provisions.

Expenses and Funding (Rule 4 and Rule 6-5)

An amateur golfer may:

Accept free food and drink at a golf competition, provided the same is offered to all competitors
Receive financial support from a member of their family
Receive expenses while playing in a team event
Receive financial assistance for participation in individual events provided such funds are lodged with, and disbursed by, the national, regional, state or county golf union or association, or where authorised, his club
Receive expenses for participating in an exhibition match in aid of a recognised charity.
Accept reasonable subsistence expenses, not exceeding actual expenses incurred, to assist with general living costs. The expenses must be approved by and paid through the player’s national golf union or association
Accept an educational scholarship whose terms and conditions have been approved by the golfer’s Governing Body

For more information on support funding, please refer to the Guidelines on Educational Grants, Scholarships and Bursaries

Advertising and Promotional Activities (Rule 6)

An amateur golfer of golf skill or reputation may:

1. Accept equipment free of charge from a manufacturer, provided no advertising is involved.

2. Have his name embossed on golf equipment and clothing. The golf equipment or clothing may bear only the name of the manufacturer of the equipment or clothing in addition to the name of the player.

3. As a member of a team, have the logo of a sponsor on his golf bag or clothing in addition to the name and/or emblem of the team.

An amateur golfer of golf skill or reputation must not:

1. Use his name or identity to advertise or sell anything.

2. Display his own name, or if sponsored the sponsor’s name, on a motor car.

3. Accept payment or compensation for broadcasting, writing, or allowing his name to be used as author, on any material concerning golf unless he is actually the author and instruction in playing golf is not included.

4. Accept honorary membership, or membership at a reduced rate, as an inducement to play for a Golf Club.

Giving Instruction (Rule 5)

An amateur golfer must not give instruction in playing golf for payment or compensation, other than as part of an instructional programme approved by the Governing Body.

Where a Kent based amateur has access to funding for expenses associated with golf, Kent Golf is able to receive those funds on that golfer’s behalf and allocate them to a specific account to be drawn down against evidence of payment of the relevant expenses provided that they are solely related to golfing activity.

The first port of call should you have any queries is the County Secretary.


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