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Wednesday 1st March 2023

Eligible Clubs
All Clubs affiliated (and up to date with the payment of affiliation fee) to Kent Golf Limited.

2. Eligible Players
Any Members, Male or Female, who are under the age of 18 years on the 1st of January of the year of the competition, and are in possession of an Handicap Index not higher than 20.4 for boys or 30.4 for girls. However, as explained below, lower handicap limits may be applied in determining each player’s handicap allowance. Players in the Team may be changed between rounds.

No player may play for more than one Club in any Calendar Year.

3. Caddies
Caddies are allowed but must be under 18 on 1st January of the year of the competition.

4. The Match
Two pairs from each Club (pairs ‘A’ and ‘B’) will play Foursomes Match Play, off Handicap, over 18 holes, each game being played over the full 18 holes. The winning Club will be the team that is the most holes up from the aggregate of the scores of the two pairs at the end of the round. The pair from each club that tees-off first at the first hole played shall be deemed to be Pair ‘A’. In the event of a Tie pair ‘B’ shall play “sudden death” to determine the result.

Each match shall be on a single match basis i.e. not “home” and “away”.

5. Conceding Game
If during the play of a game a player is unable to continue due to illness, injury or any other reason, that pair will concede the remaining holes to their Opponents i.e. “all square” with 4 holes to play, will produce a 4 down result. Similarly, in the event of a Tied match after both pairs have played 18 holes, and Pair ‘B’ cannot continue into “sudden death”, the Match will be conceded to the Opponents.

6. Tees
Boys will play from the men’s tees of the day, girls from the ladies’ tees of the day. The men’s Card to be used for Stroke Index and Par purposes.

7. Handicap Allowance
Handicap adjustments will be made in accordance with England Golf's Mixed Tee Calculator . Handicaps may need to be adjusted to account for the difference in slope rating between the male and female courses.
The shots will be calculated using the stroke indexes from the Men's card irrespective of gender pairings.

The maximum Handicap Index limit for each player in pair ‘A’ shall be 20.4 for boys and 30.4 for girls. The maximum handicap Index for each player in pair ‘B’ shall be 10.4 for boys and 15.4 for girls. A player with a higher handicap index than this may play as part of either pair, but his or her handicap shall be restricted to the maximum limit except for adjustments as noted in Rules of Handicapping published by the R&A.

Handicap allowance in a game will be ½ (one half) of the difference between each pair’s combined Course Handicaps in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping published by the R&A.
Current Handicap Index details to be shown to opponent’s representative before play starts. This can be done by either details on your phone app, or failing that, on the home clubs booking in system on the day. Failure to produce handicap index will require the player(s) concerned to play off Scratch.

8. Draw arrangements
When the draw is issued, it will specify a ‘draw date’. Within two weeks of the draw date and, thereafter, within one week of the ‘play by’ date or end date of the previous round, the Home team should make contact and offer at least three dates, spread over not less than two weeks.

Should the Home team not contact the Away team within the period specified and offer dates, it will concede home advantage and the Away team may then contact the Home team and choose the venue, but must at the time of contact offer three dates, spread over not less than two weeks.

The winning club is responsible for informing the County Office, preferably by email at or telephone 01797 367 725 as soon as possible after the match.

All rounds are to be played by, or on, the date specified in the draw. Total inability to do so must be discussed with Kent Golf's Golf Manager.

9. Practice Rounds
Clubs are not expected to provide free practice rounds for their opponents.

The home club will be expected not to charge green fees for the match and to provide sandwiches and refreshments for the players after golf.

The final will normally be played at the same venue and on the same day as the Kent Amateur Foursomes finals.

This competition requires that fees be paid to complete entry. If the payment process is not completed, your entry may be removed.


If you have a valid CDH ID, please use it to enter this competition.

English & Welsh Lifetime IDs may be used.

If you have a CDH number, please enter it here.

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