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Online Entry for Captains Cup 2023

Wednesday 1st March 2023

Captain’s Cup Format
Knockout matchplay tournament off handicap with two mixed foursomes pairs from the same club per team. The first pair to comprise a man with a Handicap Index plus to 14.4 and a woman with a Handicap Index plus to 20.4. The second pair to comprise a man with a Handicap Index 14.5 to 28.4 and a woman with a Handicap Index 20.5 to 36.4. Players MUST have a handicap in the correct band on the day of the match, without exception. Competitors do not have to be current or past captains of the club they represent.

Handicap allowance: half the difference between each pairs combined Course Handicaps.
Shots to be given/received according to the men's stroke indices.
Handicaps may need to be adjusted to account for the difference in slope rating between the male and female courses
Players may change from one round to the next but a player can only represent one Club in any one year.

Only one entry per club.

Carry only caddies allowed if the club has a carry only policy in place, ie no advice

Home teams to make contact and offer at least 4 dates, spread over a minimum of 2 weeks, which must include weekday and weekend dates. Should the Home team not contact the Away team within 14 days of the relevant draw date, the Away team may choose the venue, but must at the time of contact, offer 4 dates, spread over a minimum of 2 weeks, which must include both weekday and weekend dates.

Each individual foursomes match to play the full 18 holes. The aggregate score of holes won or lost after the completion of the 18 holes by both pairs will determine the winning club. In the event of a tie, the pair with the lower handicap will play sudden death.
This competition requires that fees be paid to complete entry. If the payment process is not completed, your entry may be removed.


If you have a valid CDH ID, please use it to enter this competition.

English & Welsh Lifetime IDs may be used.

If you have a CDH number, please enter it here.

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