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Online Entry for Eric Green Trophy 2023

Wednesday 1st March 2023

1. The Kent Golf General Competition Conditions shall apply.

2. Any Male Playing Member, aged 18 or over on 1st January 2023, of a golf club affiliated to KENT GOLF LIMITED which are up to date with affiliation fee payments is eligible to play. If more than 64 players enter the competition, a ballot will be undertaken based on the date on which entries are received.

The format is singles match play over 18 holes. Matches that are level after 18 holes are to continue on a sudden death basis. Strokes continue to be taken as per the Stroke Index. Once play has begun, if the match then has to be abandoned due to course closure, and no further play can take place on the day, the result should be determined by the state of the matches when play was suspended, providing a minimum of 9 holes has been completed by all matches. If a minimum of 9 holes have not been completed then the players should arrange another date, within the time allowed.

3. Handicap Allowance – Full difference between Course Handicaps on the day of the match calculated in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping published by the R&A and the course being played. Evidence of WHS Handicap Index to be demonstrated if requested, on the day via the app on their mobile phone or otherwise before the match commences.

4. When the draw is issued, it will specify a ‘draw date’. Within two weeks of the draw date and, thereafter, within one week of the ‘play by’ date or end date of the previous round, the Home player should make contact and offer at least three dates, spread over not less than two weeks. Should the Home player not contact the Away player within the period specified and offer dates, it will concede home advantage and the Away player may then contact the Home player, choose the venue, but must at the time of contact offer three dates, spread over not less than two weeks.

5. All Rounds of the Competition are to be played by, or on, the date specified in the Draw Sheet. Total inability to do so is to be discussed with the Golf Manager well before that date.

6. Any disputes must be referred immediately after the Match, via the Golf Manager, to the Championships Committee - its decision shall be final.

7. The Winning Player is to inform the County Office by email or telephone 01797 367725 as soon as possible after the match.

8. It is hoped that the home player’s club will allow the visiting player courtesy of the course for the purposes of the match. If courtesy is not allowed, both players will be expected to bear the cost of the green fee for the match in equal shares. The visiting player has no right to a practice round, unless that facility is granted by the home player’s club – the visiting player shall be solely responsible for any practice round green fee.

9. The Final will normally be played at the same venue, and on the afternoon of the Top Club Handicap Knock-out finals. The Final will be followed by sandwiches and a presentation. The County will provide a Rules Official for the Final.

This competition requires that fees be paid to complete entry. If the payment process is not completed, your entry may be removed.


A valid CDH ID is required to enter this competition. Please contact your home club if you do not know it.

English & Welsh Lifetime IDs may be used.

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