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World Handicap System

Test your WHS knowledge

Do you know how many shots you would receive in a competitive round?
While you don't need a degree in mathematics to calculate your playing handicap, the range of handicap allowances for different formats means it can be tricky to remember which is which.

You can find the mandatory handicap allowances for all competition formats using the playing handicap allowances table link on the England Golf website . This table includes the following competitions:

  • Stableford
  • Individual Par/Bogey (and best of 1/2/3/4 Par/Bogey)
  • Individual Maximum score
  • Fourballs
  • Foursomes
  • Greensomes
  • Pinehurst/Chapman
  • Scramble/Texas Scramble

The Better Ball allowance can be found here

Do you know what ‘PCC’ means and how it is calculated?

The playing conditions calculation (PCC) determines whether playing conditions on the day differed from normal conditions to the extent that an adjustment is needed to compensate. It is a daily statistical procedure that compares the scores submitted by players on the day against expected scoring patterns.

For full explanation see The Rules of Handicapping on the R&A website  

Videos explaining the World Handicap System: 

Introduction to changes coming with WHS2020

Basis of handicap calculation under WHS2020

Course and Slope rating under WHS2020

Playing Handicap under WHS2020

Maximum Handicap index 54 under WHS2020

 Acceptable scores under WHS2020

Net Double Bogey under WHS2020

Daily Revisions under WHS2020

Playing Conditions calculation under WHS2020

Changes coming to handicapping under WHS2020


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