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Annual General Meetings

As a company limited by guarantee, Kent Golf Limited is by the Companies Acts to comply with a number of statutory obligations.  As a private limited company, Kent Golf is not required by that legislation to hold an annual general meeting or, indeed, any general meeting.  However, the Articles of Association of the Company provide that an annual general meeting is to be held in each calendar year to transact certain administrative business.  These are: to receive from the Board the Company's financial statements, to receive a report of the activities of the Company since the previous annual general meeting, to receive a report from the President and Lady President (which will usually cover golfing activities), as and when appropriate to appoint a President or Lady President in place of such persons retiring, where candidates are proposed, to appoint Vice-Presidents, to elect the Elected Directors in place of those retiring or to fill vacancies and to transact such other business as may be brought before it. Notice is sent to all affiliated clubs, each of which is a Voting Member of the Company, such that those clubs can either send a representative to the AGM or submit a proxy form in order to exercise its voting rights.  The Company permits associate members to attend the meeting, but these individuals do not have voting rights.

Kent Golf holds regular meetings for delegates, club managers and junior organisers in order to gain feedback on golfing matters.

Kent Golf minutes (Board and AGM)

2021 Annual General Meeting 

The 2021 Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held at The Darenth Golf Club on the morning of Wednesday 8 September at 10.00am.  This is the date of the Presidents’ Prize so there will be an opportunity for those attending to enter that competition and to play golf after the meeting. For details please follow this link 

Click here to read the Presidents' Report.

As previously advised, two directors retire at the 2021 AGM having served three years since their last election.  These are John Young and Peter Long who are presently filling the roles of Chair of Championships and Chair respectively.  In addition, David Mabbot, having been co-opted to the Board, is required to retire at the 2021 AGM.

The role descriptions of each of the positions filled by the retiring directors can be found here:

At the closing date for nominations (which was noon on 31 July 2021), the County Secretary had received three nominations for the three vacancies.  These are David Mabbot (Eltham Warren), Peter Long (Sundridge Park) and Alan Austin (Lamberhurst).  There being the same number of candidates as there are vacancies, the Articles provide that at the AGM these candidates be declared elected.

The formal Notice setting out the business to be conducted at the AGM can be found here . This Notice provides details of how to vote and of nominees for election as officers of Kent Golf.

AGM documents

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