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The Role of a Club Delegate

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This is an important role and the key objective is to ensure effective two-way communications between England Golf/Kent Golf and each Affiliated Golf Club in Kent.

To represent the Club’s views at the County Delegates’ meetings.

To be responsible for disseminating at the Club all England Golf and County           correspondence.


  1. Advise the County of changes of the name and contact details of the Club. Delegate to ensure continuity of communication.
  2. Ensure that all correspondence from England Golf and Kent Golf is dealt with in the appropriate manner at the Club, and the Club are fully aware of this correspondence.
  3. Attend County Delegate Meetings when called or, if unavailable, arrange for representation from the Club.
  4. Attend and represent the views of their Club at the County Delegates meetings and vote on behalf of the Club, as required.
  5. Report to their Club’s members (by section or as a whole) on England Golf and Kent Golf matters.
  6. If required, attend and/or assist at England Golf and County events held at their Club or in the County.
  7. Encourage members to participate in England Golf and County events.


  • The Delegate should have experience in golf and be enthusiastic about promoting England Golf and the County.
  • They should be able to relate to people and be prepared to help new members.
  • They should be able to attend their Club regularly to enable correspondence to be kept up to date.
  • They should be IT literate and have email access.

SELECTION:  The Club Delegate is appointed by the Club.

TERM OF OFFICE:  Ideally three year’s minimum, maximum five years.

EXPENSES:  At the discretion of the appointing Club.

Club Delegate registration form:

We have appointed as our Club Representative (Club Delegate) the person whose name and details are set out below:

The Club has obtained consent from the delegate agreeing to Kent Golf Limited communicating with the delegate by email at the above email address or such other email address as the delegate may provide and to Kent Golf holding the above personal details for that purpose subject to the terms set out in the Privacy Policy published on the Kent Golf website.

Please advise if your Club Delegate is new to the position at the Club or replacing an existing member.

New Club Delegate
Replacing current Club Delegate

If you know the name and email of the previous delegate provide the details below.


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