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Ciode of Conduct for Young Persons

For players and parents / guardians / supporters to read

Social Contract (formerly Code of Conduct) applicable to all Junior Events

Kent Golf's Code of Conduct for Young Persons has been superseded by the adoption of its Kent Golf Social Contract which covers all of the aspects of the former codes of conduct but adds what should be expected of Kent Golf.  All references to the Code of Conduct, Junior Code of Conduct or Code of Conduct for Young Persons should be read and construed as references to the Kent Golf Social Contract which can be viewed by following the link below.


Parents / guardians - The Kent Golf Social Contract also apply to parents and guardians

You agree to drop off and collect your children in a timely manner.

You understand that if you child is not collected at the end of an event, the organisers may call the police.

Invicta 10s specific additions to Social Contract

Save for caddies as permitted by the Invicta 10s Rules, all parents and spectators shall stay at least 25 metres away from the competitors at all times and shall not walk on teeing grounds, fairways or greens.

Parents or spectators shall not offer advice to any player during the competition either on the course or, at the end of the round, in the Club House until all cards have been signed, checked by the officials and entered into the scoring system.

Ball spotting is acceptable.

Handicap certificates (if applicable) or CDH numbers must be presented on check in.

Players will be expected to be ready at the 1st tee ten minutes before tee off.

Players who are late will be penalised two shots or may not be allowed to compete if the other players in their group have started to tee off.

Players are expected to be suitably attired in appropriate golf clothing and also to take into account the conditions they might expect to encounter during the day.

Players will be expected to arrive with pencils, tees, ball-markers, marked balls, a pitch-mark repairer, sun block, plus food and refreshments to sustain them on the course during the competition.

Any player seen to be club throwing, swearing, bag kicking or engaging in any other form of inappropriate behaviour will be first warned and then removed from the course and disqualified. A further suspension is possible.

Officials will be monitoring and spot-checking score cards during play. Where there is any evidence of irregular scoring, the player concerned will be spoken to and may be disqualified from the competition. A second infringement by the same player will lead to removal from the Invicta 10s for the remainder of the season.

Players are expected to have at least a basic knowledge of the rules of golf. A rules handbook will be available for any player to pick up whilst booking in at an event. If there any queries that cannot be resolved then please call or find an official who can make the ruling for you.

All players will be expected to be able to score and mark an opponent’s card clearly, fairly and be able to present a neat and tidy card at the scoring desk at the end of the round.

All players shall sign in and out of each event.

Golf is a game best enjoyed when the rules of good sportsmanship and etiquette are applied. Kent Golf will not tolerate poor etiquette or behaviour before, during or after any of the Invicta 10s events from Players, Parents or Spectators. If required, appropriate action will be taken.

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