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Mid Age Championship 2022

Thursday 12th May 2022, Tees,

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Gross Leaderboard switchR1R2TotalPar
1st Danny Jones Wildernesse (-4)6872140-2
2nd Tony Coulstock Shortlands Golf Club (0)7570145+3
3rd Joe Hooper Wrotham Heath (-2)7571146+4
4th Kenny haines Dartford (-1)7175146+4
5th Tony Adams Prince's (-2)7672148+6
6th Danny Smith Sundridge Park (-1)7672148+6
7th Lloyd Nutley North Foreland (0)6979148+6
8th Leigh Hales Sittingbourne & Milton Regis (-2)7574149+7
9th DAN DRING Sundridge Park (-2)7773150+8
10th Alan Davie Royal Blackheath (0)7476150+8
11th Grant Sinclair Royal Blackheath (0)7774151+9
12th DARREN MARTIN Rochester & Cobham Park (-2)7576151+9
13th Stephen Gough Royal Blackheath (2)7874152+10
14th Darren Crabb Dartford (-1)7478152+10
15th Gavin Caldwell Chislehurst (4)8173154+12
16th Greg Diddams Upchurch River Valley (0)8074154+12
17th John Barrow Bearsted (1)7678154+12
18th Martin Leather Royal Blackheath (6)8174155+13
19th Jason Morris North Foreland (0)7580155+13
20th Richard Moxham Wrotham Heath (-2)7580155+13
21st Nic Roberts Littlestone (-1)7977156+14
22nd Kevin Cooper Shortlands Golf Club (1)8176157+15
23rd Julian Thompson The Royal St George's (5)8177158+16
24th Matthew Gibson Royal Blackheath (-1)8078158+16
25th Lawrence Mason Royal Blackheath (2)7979158+16
26th Paul Boozer Sheerness (1)7682158+16
27th Mike EVANS Upchurch River Valley (4)8376159+17
28th Sam Smith Prince's (2)8277159+17
29th Jonny Hudsmith The Royal St George's (2)8575160+18
30th Scott Woolford Littlestone (4)8080160+18
31st Mark Crawley Gillingham (5)7882160+18
32nd DEAN LANNING Rochester & Cobham Park (3)7783160+18
33rd Alastair Beattie West Kent (1)8576161+19
34th Gareth Jones Gillingham (4)8180161+19
35th Jason Pierce Weald of Kent (6)8081161+19
36th CRAIG GOFTON Knole Park (2)8082162+20
37th Anthony Knott Hever Castle (1)7884162+20
38th Richard Ayling Littlestone (3)7884162+20
39th David stansfield Bearsted (2)7984163+21
40th David Morland West Kent (3)8381164+22
41st Simon Campbell London (2)8183164+22
42nd Ian Burrows Rochester & Cobham Park (5)8481165+23
43rd TERRY ACQUAH Sheerness (4)8382165+23
44th Ian Henderson Gillingham (5)8779166+24
45th James Wise Mid-Kent (5)9374167+25
46th Ryan Welch Sundridge Park (5)8681167+25
47th Robert Allman Sheerness (6)8484168+26
48th John Salway Langley Park Golf Club (7)8385168+26
49th Tom John Hunter Sittingbourne & Milton Regis (3)8088168+26
50th Lewis Smith Sittingbourne & Milton Regis (3)8092172+30
51st TERRY FOGARTY Rochester & Cobham Park (5)8984173+31
52nd Jake Denney Pedham Place Golf Centre Golf Club (3)8688174+32
53rd Jason Williams Eltham Warren (3)8590175+33
54th GLENN FULLER Gillingham (-2)8789176+34
55th peter russell Kings Hill (5)87NR  
56th James Dunn Wrotham Heath (-2)73DQ  
57th Joe Blake Bearsted (-3)DQ76  
58th Thomas Nunn Marriott Tudor Park (2)DQ82  
59th Anthony Garrett Pedham Place Golf Centre Golf Club (7)DQ85  

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