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Kent Golf General Competition Conditions


Entries: All entries shall be subject to the approval of the Championship Committee which reserves the right to accept or refuse any entry without giving reason for their decision, which shall be final.

To be considered valid, an entry form and the requisite entry fee must be delivered by the time stated as the closing date for the event, together with all information requested in the entry form and, for a junior, the parent / guardian must have completed and submitted to Kent Golf an Annual Junior Player Profile and Parental Consent Form. The player must be a member of a golf club affiliated to Kent Golf and, unless otherwise stated, have a valid Handicap Index in the Worldwide Handicap System.  For a Championship, the Kent club must be their ‘home’ club.

Rules: Play will be under the Rules of the R & A in conjunction with Kent Golf Hard Card issued on the day or, failing that, of the Host Club.  Disputes shall be referred to the Championship Committee immediately after completion of the round, and their decision will be final.

Conduct of Players: Players must abide by the Kent Golf Social Contract as published on the Kent Golf website and available from your club office; failure to do so may incur sanctions as set out in that document and/or the Kent Golf Disciplinary Code.

Ride on Buggies: Buggies may only be used in compliance with the Kent Golf Transportation Policy as published on the Kent Golf website and available from your club office.

Clubs and Balls: (A) List of conforming driver heads – Model Local Rule G-1 applies; (B) Groove and Punch Mark Specifications – Model Rule G-2 is in effect; (c) List of conforming Golf Balls – Model Rule G-3 is in effect.  Penalty for making a stroke with a club in breach of the local rule referred to in 6(A) or 6(B) and for a breach of the local rule referred to in 6(C); in each case, Disqualification

Pace of Play: Players are expected to adhere to the Kent Golf Pace of Play Policy as published on the Kent Golf website and available from your club office.  Failure so to do may lead to the imposition of penalties as set out in that policy.

Practice Rounds: Competitors should make their own arrangements with the Secretary of the Host Club. A practice round may be a courtesy offered by the Host Club but competitors should be prepared to pay a green fee if required.

Practice – In stroke-play, Rule 5.2b, and in match-play, Rule 5.2a, are each modified such that a player must not practice on the competition course before, between rounds or before a play-off.  Exception - All recognised practice areas within the bounds of the course may be used by players for practice on any day of competition.

Multi-Round Competitions: Where a player enters a multiple round competition, ALL competitors are committed to playing ALL potential rounds, unless they have been injured during play. Any player who is not fit to play a round MUST inform the Secretary/Golf Manager. Any player failing to adhere to this rule will be reported to the Championship Committee, who will consider each case on its merit, but their decision could lead to that player being banned from Kent Golf competitions in the future.

Caddies: Caddies may only be used where permitted by the conditions of a specific event. Where caddies are permitted, PGA registered professionals may not be used.

Dress Code: Competitors must conform in all respects with the dress rules of the host club both on and off the course.  Where a prize giving takes place after play, competitors are expected to change.

Knock-Out Matches: For all Kent Golf knock-out events: (a) where a match has been arranged and the host course is open for play (whether or not with temporary greens in play) the match shall be played on the agreed date (b) matches shall usually be played from the relevant gender’s medal tees of the host club (where this is not possible, the home player/team shall advise the visitors in advance) and (c) the result of a match shall be notified to the Kent Golf office or nominated event manager by online results form, email or by telephone as soon as is practicable after play and, in any event, by 2359 on the ‘play by’ date for that tie.  Failure to notify the result by such time shall result in neither player/team progressing to the next round.

Championships & Adverse Weather: If poor weather might interfere with or delay play, competitors should check the Kent Golf website and the host club website or telephone the host club or number notified by Kent Golf before travelling.  Kent Golf events cancelled due to course closure or unplayable conditions will not normally be rescheduled.
Countbacks: Where a competition or championship specifies that countback shall be applied for tied scores, this will be by way of second 18 in a two round competition and then, or in an 18 hole competition, back 9, then, if still tied ,back 6, back 3, and last hole. Thereafter, if still tied, back 10, back 11 etc through to back 17.  In the case of wholly matching cards, positions shall be determined by lot. Countbacks will apply fractions of handicap allowance for medal rounds and stableford points scored in stableford competitions.

Returning of Scorecard: A player’s scorecard is officially returned to the Committee when the player has left the administration area/scorer’s desk with both feet.

Results/Competition Closed: In match-play, the result is officially announced when it has been recorded by the Kent Golf Officials at the event or, where applicable, the County Office. In a strokeplay event, subject to the Rules of Golf, when the trophy is presented to the winner, the results of the competition are officially announced and the competition is closed

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