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Forward Tees and Gender Neutral Play

In December 2020, I wrote a note to you all regarding the Forward/Winter Tees and WHS, which now appears on our Kent Golf website under Clubs/Course Ratings.

I would just like to take this a stage further and remind you all that when juniors and beginners want to play off these forward tees and submit a card for handicap (general play submission) or play a competition and you want it to be qualifying, then these tees need to be rated for gender neutral play (where boys are also playing), as most forward tees are already rated for ladies.

In the past it has been normal just to rate the white and yellow tees for men and the red tees for ladies. However, with the yellow tees often being too long for juniors and beginners with carries over deep rough, the boys often play from the forward/red tees as well. If this is the situation at your club then these forward/red tees need to be rated for men to play qualifying cards from them. Any scores done so in the past would be invalid for handicap purposes.

We can arrange for provisional ratings to be issued quickly for such forward gender neutral tees, and these will stand good for two years, as we will need to visit the club in that period to undertake a full course rating of these tees. Going forward, when we undertake full course re-ratings under WHS on our ten year review cycle, we will now rate such tees for gender neutral play.

If you have any queries about this subject, please contact the County Secretary, for further information.

Mark Ward (6 July 2021)

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