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Statistics for Beau Landau

Upchurch River Valley Golf Club

Par 3 Avg - 4.28
Par 4 Avg - 5.36
Par 5 Avg - 5.80

Scoring Analysis for Beau Landau

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Stableford Trend

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Competition Date Course Gross Nett Sford
Junior Handicap Championship 2019 Q Tuesday 30th July 2019 Canterbury Golf Club 90 77  
North Kent Junior Order of Merit Q Thursday 7th April 2016 Rochester & Cobham Park Golf Club 89 71  
South Kent Junior Order of Merit Q Thursday 31st March 2016 Littlestone Golf Club 93 75  
East Kent Cubs Championship 2014 Q Friday 11th April 2014 Littlestone Warren Golf Club 99 65  

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