Kent Golf Limited

Past KCLGA Presidents and Vice Presidents


1901-1911 No Presidents recorded
1912-1914 Sir Henry White CVO*
1913-1914 Lady Harris (recorded as Lady President)
1915-1919 No Handbooks during War time
1920-1921 Sir Henry White CVO*
1920-1921 Lady Harris (recorded as Lady President)
1922-1930 Lady Harris
1931-1936 Countess of Brecknock
1937-1939 Countess of Brecknock
1940-1945 No Records during War Years
1946-1965 Miss I Doxford
1966-1969 Miss W Morgan
1970-1973 Mrs J McClennan
1974-1977 Miss B Jackson
1978-1981 Mrs B Bax
1982-1985 Mrs J Cornfoot
1986-1989 Mrs B Driver
1990-1993 Mrs M Sharp
1994-1996 Mrs N Pearsall
1997-1999 Mrs Sally McAlister
2000-2003 Mrs Sue Coombe
2003-2005 Mrs Sylvia Barnshaw
2006-2008 Mrs Sarah Miller
2009-2011 Mrs Hazel Bristow
2012-2014 Miss Audrey Disbury
2015-2018 Mrs Elaine Tappin
2019-2020 Mrs Chris Lohan

Vice Presidents

1920s Mrs S Stubbs
1933 Mrs Powell & Mrs CA Elgood
1934 Mrs L Jackson
1935 Mrs JR Mason  & Mrs Marsham-Townshend
1936 Mrs I Doxford
1949 Miss W Morgan & Miss D Pearson
1955 Mrs Lonnen
1959 Mrs M Drysdale
1960 Miss O Read
1965 Mrs Z Bolton & Mrs J McLennan
1967 Miss B Jackson
1970 Mrs U Hall-Thompson
1974 Mrs B Bax
1977 Mrs J Cornfoot
1982 Mrs B Driver
1984 Mrs M McIntyre & Mrs M Sharp
1987 Mrs N Rooke
1992 Mrs Chris Lohan
1993 Miss Joan Austen
1994 Mrs Sue Coombe & Mrs N Pearsall & Mrs Joan Piper
1999 Mrs Sally McAlister
2000 Mrs Sue Coombe
2005 Miss Karen Stupples
2007 Mrs Sylvia Barnshaw
2009 Ms Sarah Miller
2012 Hazel Bristow & Mrs Elaine Tappin
2014 Mrs Dorothy Featherstone
2015 Miss Audrey Disbury
2016 Mrs Marilyn Brown

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