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Mens Seniors Team

Purpose and Aim 

Kent Seniors aged 55 & over with a handicap of 2 or better can enjoy a great competitive team environment. The seniors have a number of home & away matches against various counties in differing formats. The squad comprises around 18 players. It’s fun, enjoyable but above all the team are here to win these events.

Acting Team Manager

Alan Austin 

Team Coach 

Mark Trow 

James Skelton

Matt Cunliffe

Training & Coaching

Main Coach - Mark Trow

Sports Psychologist - Matt Cunliffe

Putting Coach - James Skelton 

Our coaching sessions are interactive, discussion based and as a squad we ensure we are working towards the common goal of shooting lower scores. 

We spend the majority of our time working within 100 yards. This skill set is one which can always be improved no matter your age, flexibility or standard. We work on controlling distance and flight with our wedges, adding “new” chipping techniques and ensuring each player understands his recipe for success. 

We also maintain good fundamentals within the long game, giving each player confidence that they setup well and allow their swing to perform to its optimum. Our coach, Mark Trow, casts an eye over their long game technique, this is done step by step with small reinforcements that provide optimum improvement with the minimal amount of change. 

The coaches role is to ensure each player is equipped with all the tools they need to perform at their best. This ensures each player improves their knowledge, technique and short game. The team as a whole will perform consistently at any venue in any tournament. 

Coaching days 

The 2 coaching days we have planned in May will be the first sessions for nearly a year! 

With the help of putting expert James Skeleton and sports psychologist Matt Cunliffe, these sessions will be informative and beneficial to the whole squad. 

During the day, Mark’s main focus will be improving the players pitching, chipping and general golf technique. With aspects such as ball flight control and distance control at the top of my list. 

James will be on hand to help every player with their putting, starting at setup and then building an understanding on how this influences their putting stroke. James will also explain different green reading techniques so everyone is confident on those must hole 6 foot putts! 

Matt will spend his time during the day working with individuals on their mindset, pre-shot routine and general shot preparation. As our season is stretched across numerous different environments and courses we as a team must know and understand the vital techniques which will allow us to perform well. 

It will be great to have a real run at 2021 with what we see as a really strong team but also a great bunch of personalities who will want to win everything that they play in.

Matches and        Competitions

League matches are against Sussex, Surrey, Dorset & Hampshire. These games consist of 10 Single scratch matches. The league winner plays in a one-off final. 

Southeastern Foursomes Qualifier is played against Essex, Middlesex & Hertfordshire, 5 pairs playing knockout against these counties, over 1 day with the overall winner playing in a final.

6-man Southeastern Qualifier - This event is played against 11 other counties over 2 days and the best 5 out of 6 scratch medal scores produces the winner. The winner of this event represents the South in the English Seniors Men’s County Championship.

Get Involved

If you want to talk through any aspects of Seniors golf please contact Team Manager Alan Austin via: or via the County Office
Team Match Results 

Kent Seniors v Surrey 7th Jun - Report 

Kent Seniors v Sussex 30th Jun - Report

Kent Seniors v Dorset 3rd Aug - Report

Team Photos 

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